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F.W.C. Friends Who Care Community Development Center Supporters


                                                     Bishop C.E. Anderson - Dominion Fellowship    

                                      Herby Boler - Freedom W.C.

                                      Judith Brown - Project70Forward

                                      Brandon Chuck Brown-Single, Saved, and Serious

                                      Will Elmore - Gideons Min. &

                                      James Gilliland - Honey Right Electric LLC

                                      Antoine Herring - 37 Shades Media

                                    Pastors Earven & Daisy Hyman - Jacobs Well Ministries

                                      Ronald Payne - You are Recorded Ministries

                                      Camille Stephens - Life Forces -Council of Elders

                                      Mona Wesley - Simply Gorgeous -Paparazzi

You too, can be a part of this progressive and growing Community Development Center. We are out to make a Difference!

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